Ich mag:

Industrial, Dark Ambient, Electro etc.:
Haus Arafna, November Növelet, Institut, Aphex Twin, Propergol, Brighter Death Now, MZ.412, Deutsch Nepal, Dive, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Current 93, Coil, Monte Cazazza, Warren Suicide, The Lost Sounds, Fisherspooner, Einstürzende Neubauten...

The Faint, The Cure, The Smiths, The Pixies, Bloc Party, Morrissey, Arctic Monkeys, Wir sind Helden, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Hot Heat, White Stripes, And also the Trees...

Blood Brothers, At The Drive-In, Billy Talent, Refused, Muse, Boysetsfire, Ramones, Mclusky, Thrice, Atreyu, Queens of the Stonage, Life of Agony...

Dresden Dolls, Nick Cave, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Soundtrack zu Mulholland Drive und Nightmare before Christmass.

Eine Verfilmung meines Lebens hätte wohl folgenden Soundtrack:

Haus Arafna ~ oradour sur glane
Haus Arafna ~ last dream of jesus
Haus Arafna ~ für immer
Current 93 ~ a gothic lovesong
Current 93 ~ oh, coal blacksmith
Dive ~ Blood Money
Test Department / Brith gof ~ arddyledog ganu
Substanz t. ~ chew-z [dive rmx]
Coil ~ hearthworms
SPK ~ day of pigs
Laibach ~ država
Einstürzende Neubauten ~ haus der lüge
Einstürzende Neubauten ~ was ist ist
Monte Cazzaza ~ six eyes from hell
Mental Measuretech ~ turtle recall II
P•A•L ~ concrete rage
P•A•L ~ gelöbnis
Esplendor Geométrico ~ disco rojo
Esplendor Geométrico ~ moscú está helado
Esplendor Geométrico ~ raskin
November Növelet ~ shouts of joy
November Növelet ~ initially (bluish eyes)
Front242 ~ verfluchter engel

Rolling Stones ~ paint it black
Lou Reed ~ perfect day
Iggy Pop ~ china girl
Black Sabbath ~ paranoid
Pink Floyd ~ wish you were here
Rio Reiser ~ junimond
Velvet Underground ~ venus in furs
DAF ~ als wärs das letzte mal
DAF ~ verschwende deine jugend
Leonard Cohen ~ everybody knows

Alternative Rock usw.
Eels ~ souljacker
Cake ~ long line of cars
Cake ~ dariah
Blur ~ parklife
System Of A Down ~ deer dance
System Of A Down ~ atwa
System Of A Down ~ b.y.o.b.
At The Drive-In ~ napoleon solo
At The Drive-In ~ one armed scissor
Billy Talent ~ this is how it goes
Billy Talent ~ try honesty
Boysetsfire ~ rookie
Boysetsfire ~ falling out theme
Panic! at the Disco ~ the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage
Panic! at the Disco ~ i write sins not tragedies
Blood Brothers ~ my first kiss at the public execution
Blood Brothers ~ teen heat
Breeders ~ canonball
Muse ~ muscle museum
Muse ~ new born
Fugazi ~ waiting room
Refused ~ new noise
Life Of Agony ~ weeds
Life Of Agony ~ let's preend
Tenacious D. ~ fuck her gently
Therapy? ~ going nowhere
Therapy? ~ screamager
Manic Streetpreachers ~ suicide is painless
Smashing Pumpkins ~ disarm
Foo Fighters ~ everlong
Weezer ~ buddy holly
Weezer ~ the world has turned and left me here
Weezer ~ island in the sun

The Pixies ~ where is my mind?
The Smiths ~ Bigmouth strikes again
The Smiths ~ some girls are bigger than others
New Model Army ~ vagabonds (live)
New Model rmy ~ liberal education
Firewater ~ the man on the burning tightrope
Firewater ~ get out of my head
Franz Ferdinand ~ jacqueline
Hot Hot Heat ~ bandages
The Arctic Monkeys ~ when the sun goes down
Kaiser Chiefs ~ everyday day i love you less and less
We Are Scientists ~ nobody move, nobody get hurt
The Clash ~ london calling
The Clash ~ guns of brixton
Bloc Party ~ price of gasoline
Bloc Party ~ like eating glass
The Cure ~ 10:15, saturday night
The Cure ~ play for today
The Cure ~ jumping on someone else's train
Phillipp Boa ~ fine art in silver
Phillipp Boa ~ patricia
Placebo ~ bitter end
Placebo ~ meds
Joy Division ~ she's lost control again
Lene Lovich ~ bird song
Violent Femmes ~ kiss off
Violent Femmes ~ gone daddy gone
Violent Femmes ~ add it up
White Stripes ~ hotel yorba
White Stripes ~ hardest button to button
Dresden Dolls ~ half jack
Dresden Dolls ~ girl anachronism
House of Love ~ shine on
Die Vision ~ after the sunset

Fisherspooner: Emerge
Makai ~ beneath the mask
The Faint ~ how could I forget?
The Faint ~ southern belles in london sing
The Faint ~ casual sex
The Faint worked up so sexual
She Wants Revenge ~ tear you apart
She wants revenge ~ i don't wanna fall in love
The Normal ~ t.v.o.d.
Cabaret Voltaire ~ the setup
Fad Gadget ~ collapsing new people
Fad Gadget ~ coitus interruptus
Warren Suicide ~ black planet
Warren Suicide ~ butcher boy
Aphex Twin ~ come to daddy
Nine Inch Nails ~ sin
Nine Inch Nails ~ happiness in slavery
Nine Inch Nails ~ hurt

Clan of Xymox ~ louise
Alien Sex Fiend ~ i walk the line
Skinny Puppy ~ assimilate
Sisters of Mercy ~ alice
Sisters of Mercy ~ lucretia, my reflection
Sisters of Mercy ~ marian
Bauhaus ~ she's in parties
Bauhaus ~ bela lugosi is dead
Calva Y Nada ~ rascheln
Stendal Blast ~ was soll schon sein?
Covenant ~ go film
Covenant ~ replicant
Covenant ~ theremin (club edit)
:Wumpscut: ~ capital punishment
:Wumpscut: ~ soylent green
Tuxedomoon ~ no tears

Punk, Garage, Surf, Billy u.ä.
Dead Kennedys ~ holiday in cambodia
Ramones ~ the kkk took my baby away
Ramones ~ pet sematary
Bad Religion ~ two babies in the dark
Misfits ~ last caress
The Thrashmen ~ surfin' bird
The Cramps ~ human fly

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